Saturday, February 16, 2008

Orlando '08

I was giving a presentation in Feb. in Orlando and brought the family along. They got to hang by the pool all day while I worked of course! Much nicer weather this year than last year. I thought these 3 photos represented our trip well. First, was the hotel and conference center and then a friendly dolphin at Sea World and finally, my 3 favorite girls enjoying an amusement park!

In #1, I particularly like the clouds position in relation to the foreground and the sun behind it. The rays coming from the sun are 100% real. This image received no post processing, other than some saturation and a little sharpening.

In #2, I love the color of the water against the animals skin tone and his smile for my camera is great! ...better than some people! :) Actually, a kind of funny story is behind this shot. I was shooting with my 70-200 f2.8, which is a fairly long white lens (for the non-photographers) and before I knew it, I had Sea World staff behind me tapping my shoulder and looking very alert when I turned around to say hello! It seems that they saw just my lens sticking out from some distance away and thought I had some sort of weapon pointed at this beautiful mammal. I smile and simply offered to show them the back of my camera. They soon approved of the kind of 'shooting' I was doing and I turned around to capture this shot.

#3: What could be better? The sun starting to set in Orlando, walking around in shorts and a tshirt in February and taking casual pictures of my favorite 3 people in the whole world having a great time! :)


Alcatraz014 said...

Wow. You do absolutely incredible photography. Nice work. said...

Thank you, alcatraz014. What a nice thing to say. I actually presented in San Francisco right before Orlando and will hopefully be posting 1 or 2 pics from Alcatraz from that trip soon.. maybe you'll have an interest, given your screen name?