Saturday, November 18, 2006

...and we're off.

Second post: I guess its official now. I have to keep going. I'm even going to commit to adding a photo for discussion. Often times, it seems that those things in which I find myself involved, eventually turn stressful in at leaset one small way or another. I suppose these challenges keep things interesting and on my toes. I want to keep this blog something a little different. I want to keep it very open, honest, uninhibited and positive. I'm going to post photos that I like ...not photos that I anticipate will satisfy others. I'm not worried so much about the technical features of these images nor am I going to bother so much with spelling, grammar or sentence structure.

My intentions with this blog exporation will be a little different that what I typically do in both my education profession and paid photography work. Most of my usual images and work tend to involve the satisfaction of what other people need, want or prefer, which can be an intriguing challenge. Even as I observe others, I notice a trend that is difficult to ignore. The people I observe as being the most balanced and pleasant, tend to also have developed some personal device which serves no other purpose than to please themselves. My interest in photography began as a desire to capture moments in time, but also to explore details that are often passed by. I would guess that this might be similar to the beginnings of many photographers. Some part of me fears losing sight of this piece. This blog will be an attempt to remain grounded in my personal photographic preferences and to explore new angles, new subjects, new processing, etc. ...without the need to satisfy anything other than myself.

So, here's my first image. Captured at an amusement park this past Summer. Its not an image I'd post on my website, or one I'd print and hang. But... I like the angled lines, the placement of subject in the frame and the natural light on her face. She was satisfying my request to have her sit, look tough and hold still long enough for me to adjust my camera to the bright directional sunlight, when what was really occupying her mind was the amusement park all around us and the anticipation of exploring it until her little yellow ticket-book was empty.

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